What Teachers, Social Workers and Activities Directors are Saying

Here are a few comments from folks that are using the story cards in the classroom and senior centers…

“I find that these cards are great for sparking kids imagination.  I’ve used them as a prompt for story writing, to teach character and setting, and the kids love getting creative with them.  I’ve also found that they are useful for learning about my students and for them to learn about each other as they identify with certain cards, being drawn to them for stories or whatever the prompt.  I’ve used them to build vocabulary and spark discussion with students learning English, and we’ve used them to talk about feelings and emotions.

In 5th grade I know the teachers used them to teach the concept of metaphor, and to introduce their culmination project where students select a metaphor for their lives and create a poem and a project around it.  In past years, students have picked an object they liked, such as a football field or a cupcake, but this year, thanks to the cards, students had a deeper understanding of the idea of metaphor and picked objects for more symbolic reasons.  They may have picked an object that they liked, but rather than searching for connections to their life, the connections came naturally out of the chosen objects.  These cards are attractive and inspirational for all ages.”
– Alysia H., Elementary Teacher

“The Insight Story Cards have been a wonderful and creative teaching aid for our work with a new social engagement launch of CircleTalk, used in retirement residential communities.  Residents love picking out a card to describe an important part of their life stories, yielding in depth conversations and connections.  We love using these on-target teaching and conversation aids.”
-Jack Williamson, CircleTalk Certified Leader, www.CircleTalk.org

“They are perfect! Lucky us.”
-Monie T., Early Childhood Education, MN Public Schools