The Cards

There are 88 regular cards in the deck (the same number as there are keys on a piano) and 2 Wild cards to add intrigue and to represent the wild part of ourselves. The 88 cards are arranged in 11 categories with eight cards per category. The categories are: People, Animals, Elements, Power, Love, Journey, Skills, Creations, Nature, Food, and Symbols.

Use these cards for personal guidance and greater self-understanding by choosing the card or cards you are attracted to — or picking three at random — and discovering the deeper meaning they have for you.

In each category, one of the eight cards has a star denoting that it is a Power Card, representing the shadow forces in life (although any of the cards can be dark or light depending upon how we see them or make use of them).

The card set include a 268 page illustrated Guidebook to the Cards with a foreword by renowned storyteller and author Michael Meade. The richly written, well-researched descriptions of the symbolism and spiritual wisdom of each card, ending with a comment or question for you to ponder.

The Insight Story Cards are ideal for:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Marriage counselors and therapists
  • Educators and trainers

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How To Use the Cards

Here are ways you can use The Insight Story cards. (These can be done alone, with a friend or partner, or in a group.)

Choose One at Random: Shuffle the deck thoroughly. Ask yourself a specific question such as, “What do I need to pay attention to right now?” or “What do I need to learn right now?” (Remember, your question is as important as the answer you get.) Close your eyes, pick one card from the deck at random, and notice first what reactions you have to the card and how it might relate to your question or situation. What does the card mean to you? Then, read the card summary in this guidebook and see where this takes you. There are no right or wrong answers. It is all a process of discovery, and each person will relate and react to a card differently. Finally, you can write your thoughts down in your journal or talk them over with a friend.

Three-Card Spread: Shuffle the cards and lay them facedown. Pick out three cards: The first represents the past; the second represents the present; and the third represents the future. Take your time when choosing the cards, letting the wisdom of the cards and your own intuition guide you. Again, note your reactions, read the summaries, and write down your thoughts or share them with another.

Choose One by Attraction: Lay out all of the cards on the ground or the table face-up and pick the one that attracts you the most. Let the card speak to what you are going through in your life. If you are with another or in a group, share your thoughts with them. For more depth, consider talking about how you feel, what you think you need, and how you might get it.

Pair Share: Pick two or three cards with a friend or partner and show them to each other. Share your thoughts and feelings about the cards with each other. Another way to do this is to allow your friend or partner to share their responses or reflections about your cards before you do—not as an analysis, but as a simple response to the images. See what new insights this brings.