Insight Story Cards as Visual Prompts For Creativity and Connection

How to Use Symbol Cards in School, in Therapy and at Senior Centers

insight story cards in a pouch“… a potent and yet down-to-earth collection of symbols that offer young people and adults a lighthearted means to express themselves and meet each other in unique ways. The card set is a marvelous addition to the educator’s toolkit.
—Mark Wilding, PassageWorks Institute

“The card set is beautiful, thoughtful and makes you think about our world. The images are a great way to remember the things in your life you are grateful for and some things to aspire to.” —Angela

The Insight Story Cards are an excellent tool for connecting kids, adults and seniors with the deeper, meaningful parts of their selves—and with each other. Connecting in this way is not only immensely creative but also vital for developing meaning, purpose and deep connection—something that educators, therapists and group facilitators will find great value in as they seek to engage kids, adults and seniors in a real way.

Symbolic images have been used throughout time—in books, movies and myths—because of their ability to tap into the deeper archetypes of life, including obstacles and allies, which speak to everyone on their journey in the world. The Insight Story Cards allow you to have your own set of archetypal symbol cards. There are 88 “everyday symbols” from around our world in the deck (like Tree, Water, Path, Sword, Gift), plus 2 wild cards.

The Insight Story Cards were designed by and for educators to enable kids, adults and seniors to “stretch into another intelligence”. They are ideal for developing:

  • Symbolic thinking and expression (e.g., developing metaphor, allusion, symbolic mapping)
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Abstract thinking
  • Self-awareness and personal meaning
  • Storytelling
  • Community building

5 Simple Ways to Use the Cards:

  1. Lay out some or all of the cards and ask “What’s up for you today?” or “How are you feeling today?” Pick the one that describes it for you.
  2. Lay out the cards and have kids, adults and seniors pick out the one or two they are attracted to and talk about why, either in a small group or in pairs.
  3. Lay out the cards and use them as story prompts or when studying ancient myths and legends.
  4. Lay out the cards and have adults use them in a strategic planning or visioning exercise.
  5. Use them as journaling prompts.