The Authors, Artists and Allies

The Insight Story Card Set is a collaboration of many talented people who worked on various parts of the finished product. They each brought their own gifts and perspectives to the project so that the final result became richer, more balanced, and more subtle than the original draft.

Randy's photo 7-14Randy Compton is the primary creator of The Insight Story Cards. He is an author, trainer, and inventor. He obtained his master’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and wrote his master’s thesis on “A Transpersonal View of Social Conflict.” He was the executive director of the Colorado School Mediation Project and taught numerous classes and workshops to educators and youth. He is the co-editor of Kids Working It Out: Stories and Strategies for Making Peace in Our Schools. Along with being the CEO of Think-a-lot Toys (now licensed to Continuum Games), he is a spiritually focused psychotherapist in his company Spacious Awakening, and President and Trainer with Restorative Solutions. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Tania Henderson photoTania Henderson is the illustrator of the cards. I couldn’t have been blessed with a better, more insightful and collaborative colleague than her and her gifts are evident. She and I met many times over the course of a year going over the drawings, discussing the tone and meaning of each card, and seeing how they would all fit together as a whole. Her knowledge of each of the symbols allowed a wonderful working relationship to evolve. Some of the discussions we had were truly memorable.

Tania is an accomplished artist with a degree from The Rhode Island School of Design. She works with Art Without Borders as a certified Mneme Therapist and as an art teacher for Jarrow Montessori Elementary School.

The reviewers and editors of the 265 page guidebook include: Laura Weaver (director of programs at PassageWorks), Sandra Fleming (yoga instructor and massage therapist), Chris Hoffman (author, organizational development consultant), Alden Faulkner (school intervention specialist and mom), and Carl Spetzler (high school teacher).

Other people who influenced the project include: Rachael Kessler, founder of PassageWorks; Richard Geer, creator of the StarGate card set; Rebecca DiDomenico, artist; The Black Shadow, Tarot expert; Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves and Carolyn Oakley, graphic artist with Luminous Moon Design and longtime friend and supporter.