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“Interview with Randy Compton,” Tarot Reflections, 2010


Tarot Reflections review of The Insight Story Cards, September, 2010

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June 2010 – “The Insight Story Cards Help People Develop Psychological Well Being,” (PDF, 43k)


“The Insight Story Cards are simply delightful and a great tool for self inquiry. I highly recommend them.”
–Kathy Tyler, co-creator of Angel Cards

 “A wondrous set of images for many fascinating journeys. The Insight Story Cards will bring you rich rewards.”
–Chris Hoffman, author of The Hoop and The Tree

“The Insight Story Cards have been a wonderful and creative teaching aid for our work with a new social engagement launch of CircleTalk, used in retirement residential communities.  Residents love picking out a card to describe an important part of their life stories, yielding in depth conversations and connections.  We love using these on-target teaching and conversation aids.”
-Jack Williamson, CircleTalk Certified Leader,

“The card set is beautiful, thoughtful and makes you think about our world. The images are a great way to remember the things in your life you are grateful for and some things to aspire to.”
—Angela L., Overland Park, KS

 “… a potent and yet down-to-earth collection of symbols that offer young people and adults a lighthearted means to express themselves and meet each other in unique ways. The card set is a marvelous addition to the educator’s toolkit.
—Mark Wilding, PassageWorks Institute

 “I find that these cards are great for sparking kids imagination.  I’ve used them as a prompt for story writing, to teach character and setting, and the kids love getting creative with them.  I’ve also found that they are useful for learning about my students and for them to learn about each other as they identify with certain cards, being drawn to them for stories or whatever the prompt.  I’ve used them to build vocabulary and spark discussion with students learning English, and we’ve used them to talk about feelings and emotions.  In 5th grade I know the teachers used them to teach the concept of metaphor, and to introduce their culmination project where students select a metaphor for their lives and create a poem and a project around it.  In past years, students have picked an object they liked, such as a football field or a cupcake, but this year, thanks to the cards, students had a deeper understanding of the idea of metaphor and picked objects for more symbolic reasons.  They may have picked an object that they liked, but rather than searching for connections to their life, the connections came naturally out of the chosen objects.  These cards are attractive and inspirational for all ages.”
– Alysia H., Elementary Teacher

“…an exciting and provocative way for individuals and couples to discover new insights into their own and their partner’s inner journeys. I would recommend them to all my clients.”
—Ted Barrett-Page, JD, MSW, Individual and Marriage Therapist

“The Insight Story Cards are a simple and universal way to encourage introspection and to invite conversation about things that matter. Folks of all ages will delight in the images and be inspired to connect with the qualities of soul that each card evokes. A beautiful teaching and community building tool!”
—Melissa Michaels, Ed.D., SomaSource Educational Programs

“The symbol cards have been such a gift in every way for us. We use them all the time in our organizational and course work.”
—Laura Weaver, Director of Transformative Learning, PassageWorks Institute

“From the creator of Think-ets (small pouches of every day miniature items) that many of us have used as a jumping off place to build our Junk Oracles, comes a unique alternative to the Tarot…In addition to personal insights or divination this deck could easily be used for brainstorming, creative writing, plot or character development, or dream interpretation. This set would make a nice gift for someone who has shown an interest in reading cards, but might be a bit hesitant to try a standard type of Tarot deck.”
–Tarot Reflections, September 2010 Issue

“I want to acknowledge the power and brilliance of what you have created. I honor the act of creation and think your invention has a great future.”
–Mark Gerzon, author of American Citizen, Global Citizen, president of Mediators Foundation

“I want you to know that I am using your Insight Story Cards daily as part of my morning meditation. I love them – I randomly pull a card, read the text, and then sit with it for a few minutes. It has been really grounding for me. I thought you’d like to know that they really make a difference!”
–Ellen F., San Francisco

“We have been using The Insight Story Cards almost every day after work and we love them. They have deepened our relationship to ourselves and each other. The cards have given us a way to connect on a deeper level with things that matter. And, what comes up as a result of the cards is amazing and unbelievably synchronistic! As parents, we sometimes get swamped with parenting and forget that we need to take care of ourselves, not just our kids. We really love these cards. Thanks!!”

“I LOVE the guidebook. Really beautifully written. I’m so excited to use it myself and in the classroom.”