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The Insight Story™ Card & Book Set (SOLD OUT)

The exquisite card set of symbolic images for personal reflection and insight

The the insight story card setInsight Story Card & Book Set is a wondrous deck of 90 symbolic images from our world that can be used for personal insight and self-awareness. Pick a card at random or one that you are attracted to and find out the meaning it has for you—or what you have for it! Each card comes with a detailed description of its symbolism and a question or comment for you to ponder.

Each set includes:

  • 90 full-color illustrated cards
  • 268 page illustrated Guidebook to the Cards
  • Velour Carrying Pouch

Cost: $24.95 + shipping

Contact Randy to order cards in pouch with guidebook.

The Insight Story™ Cards in a Pouch

insight story cards in a pouchInsight Story Cards in a Pouch is the “cards-only” version of the card and book set. It has all of the 90 symbolic images, which can be used for storytelling, personal insight and community building, but does not include the 268 page guidebook, velour pouch, or box. It is a much less expensive option designed for bulk purchases.

Each set includes:

  • 90 full-color illustrated cards
  • Mesh Pouch

Cost: $5.00 + shipping

Minimum Order: 10 (meant to be sold to schools, senior centers, etc.)

Contact Randy to order.

The Insight Story™ Guidebook

the insight story guidebookFinding time to reconnect with one’s own inner landscape is an important step on the path to wholeness. The Insight Story Guidebook is 268 page guide to the cards that gives a 1-2 page summary of each card and what it may mean for you. It is a powerful way to get in touch with your self in a whole new way. It enables you to tap into the deep structure of the unconscious and the synchronous and find ways to learn more about the quiet but powerful workings of our souls. A little voice in all of us constantly asks us to pay attention and to listen. Pick up this book and begin to delve into the place that calls from deep within.

Guidebook includes:

  • Summary of the meanings and symbolism behind each of the 90 cards
  • Foreword by renowned storyteller and mythologist Michael Meade
  • Introduction to the Cards
  • Story of How the Card Set Came into Being

Cost: $10.00 + shipping
Contact Randy to order.